Meet Our Makers

We approach every step of our business with care, and this includes our partners and suppliers. We ensure that all the people who work with us are respected, valued, and feel safe. Before any form of production can begin, we require all of our suppliers to adhere to our Code of Conduct and require routine audits to ensure their continued commitment to our ethics and principles. 


Designed in Melbourne

The beginnning of any product starts with a design. And we were lucky enough to work under the guidance of one of the best designers in Melbourne. Understanding the brief, guiding us through the selection of fabrics, colours and trimmings with this amazing small team was
 and will continue to be one of the best decision ever made in starting up Li kardia Rose.

Factory Location

We work with our trusted manufacturing partner in Huzhou, China to produce our pieces. We are committed to working with responsible factories that pay fair wages to their workers and produce goods in a sustainable manner, thus we visit our partner factories personally, and work closely with them to manufacture our collections. Wallace the director of our small boutique manufacturer is still the touchpoint for all communication, sampling, and development alongside his merchandisers. It's great knowing that who we connect with has managed and owned the business for over 35 years with a low turnover in staff, this is followed through into their workmanship and product delivery.

Fair Wages

We believe that all workers deserve a good quality of life and the only way to achieve that is by compensating them fairly and equally. The factory is audited regularly for social compliance to ensure that everyone in the supply chain is paid with living wages, provided with proper rest days, and given comprehensive benefits including healthcare and paid vacation.

Safe Working Conditions

Worker safety is our responsibility too. We ensure that our partner factory's makers are provided with a safe and hygienic workplace where they can work comfortably and with peace of mind, and they take effective steps to prevent potential accidents and to minimise health risks.


Our partner factory is regularly audited to ensure compliance with the Code of Conduct and international labor standards. It is a BSCI-certified factory that specialises in the creation of high-quality, sustainable apparel products. Each product is packaged into a compostable polybag for sampling and production, therefore reducing plastic waste.